Thursday, December 11, 2008

Love this track..

''Gotta live life, Im trying to live life''
- Rick Ross '' Shot To The Heart''

I know Rick Ross aint the most lyrical rapper out there, but hes so onpoint on this track, specially the first couple bars, they hit me...

''I shed tears cause im told that they’ll heal
To tell the truth I don’t know how to feel
Ever felt alone in a room full of friends?
Got big plans but you leave em in suspense
Pray for me, patience wait for me
Pay dues, trust me they comin
Way back it was hoops, now its maybach coups
And we all took a vow, no squares in the loops''


Dear Mr.West

I love Kanye, every since he dropped ''Throug The Wire'' I been following dude on everything he has been doing.
''Through The Wire'' is my ''get your focus on'' track everytime I hear it, it just boost me with energy.

But thats not the reason Im writting this.

First of all I think its great when a artist has no barriers and switches everything up, even when he's a winning team, on his own.

But I really really tried with 808's & heartbreaks, but I just dont feel it.

When the first single dropped, I dindt really like it, but thought; ''maybe I just need to adjust to the new Kanye'' but as more and more tracks leaked, I kinda became worried.

But its cool at the end I guess, I'll just keep playing; "College Dropout'' and ''Late Registration'' there both classics to me.

Still I hope Kanye is ever going to go back to the soul samples and rapping about everyday stuff, even tho' he said hes to cool to rap, I think he's cool but nobody's that cool to be to cool to be rapping, I mean aint it cool to be a rapper? Rappers are always cool man.

Im out.



Monday, December 8, 2008

Still going

So, whatsup?

this is my third day that im having this blog. Im already liking it, I don't think anybody actually reads what I write down here, but hey its good to write things down right?
So I think im gonna keep writting to myself on this blog.

Yesterday I went cruisin' on, there are some great blogs around here, I dindt knew that the bloggin' (?) community is so big, I saw people from everywhere in the world, languages my computer can't even handle. (haha)
I saw a lot of different type of blogs, some post there pictures ( saw some real nice ones!) or promote there music, or just like me write about whatevers on there chest. I think thats real cool, everbody just doing him or her.

so anyway thats it, maybe ill write some more tonite or tommorow.


- Joseph


by the way, check this quote by again lil wayne ( I know quoted him yesterday as well, but dude just on point! (sometimes))

''from the academy, league of rollers
I deny being down though they seem to hold us
my shoulders are strong, i prove them wrong''
-Lil Wayne ''Tie my hands''

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Outside lookin'..

''I can't call it, lets kick it back''
- Lil Wayne '' Trouble''

So this is my first official blog.

note* Im no writer, english aint my first language, but anyway lets roll.

So lately life's been going fast, got a lot of things going.
Its like to much to keep it up, im loosin track of things, I think thats the reason I created this blog to keep up with myself.

Right now, im thinkin' about what all is going on. I been running crazy to do everything for everbody, not even focusing on the things that are important, me!
You know? sometimes you get stuck in the fast lane, dont even think anymore about what your doing you just keep going and going?

Thats why I havent slept today, I been thinkin' and planning over and over again. Making a list of what to do and how to do it, the list isnt really long, but i am getting my thoughts together, getting my focus up and running again.
I already feel alot better, guess sometimes you need to kick it back to go forward again(right?).

So this is my firs blog, im out.

Going to my uncles now, drop off something, then get back and try to figure some more things out.


- Joseph.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

So...about me...
My name is Joseph Sedano, im new to this bloggin' ish.I created this blog just to talk about things, thoughts, post cool video's.
So peep me on this blog, my first offical blog, im gonna post something prob. tommorow.
peep me on that,
later -

track of the day:
Charles Hamilton - Brooklyn Girls